Distinctive 3D scanning technology enabling the production of a wide range of dental indications.
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Based on an integrated scan & design workflow with DWOS software, these distinct scanning systems are designed to meet varied and individual needs.

Featuring high-scanning accuracy, ergonomic, and functional advances for significant improvements in productivity and efficiency.

7Series Model & Impression Scanner

Delivering unprecedented performance and productivity.

Featuring remarkable scanning versatility, speed and accuracy, plus a wide range of prosthetic design applications.

  • High-precision scanning of both models and impressions.
  • An on-board computer with 64-bit processor.
  • High productivity through automatic scan and design wizards.
  • Automatic multi-die mode for up to 30 elements scanned and designed in 13 minutes, unattended.
  • Easy clinic-to-lab or lab-to-outsourcing communication with DWOS Connect.
  • SAM® SE articulator optional.
  • Certified by Straumann® (CARES® plug-in), 3M ESPE (Lava™ Milling Centers) and Dentsply Implants (ATLANTIS™).
  • Add additional DWOS applications as needed.

Select the SYNERGY or PRODUCTIVITY package.

DWOS modules7Series SYNERGY
7Series PRODUCTIVITY package
Crowns & Bridges
Implant Prosthetics
Partial Frameworks
Full Dentures*
Model Builder
Bite Splints*
Orthodontic Archiving*
Rapid Prototyping
Guided Surgery (in coDiagnostiX software)**

*Optional modules that may be added as lab requirements evolve.
3D Scanners - 7Series Scanner - Dental Wings

We’ve been using the 7Series Model & Impression scanner on a daily basis for several years. We can declare that this incredible machine changed our life. It includes three scanning devices in one and serves us as a door opener to every modern dental office in our region. Our lab is now able to design and produce a wide variety of prosthetic products of excellent quality. We can produce everything from a single coping to a complex implant solution.

Daniel Pokorny

CEO, Chironax Dental, Czech Republic

7Series scan time now up to 25% faster!

New algorithms are being employed for meshing the scan clouds, which allow massive parallel data processing on a graphics card (GPU) instead of the main processor.

Available with software update DWOS 9

This new computation technology is available with DWOS 9, however, it requires specific hardware configurations using an NVIDIA graphics card with CUDA support. With an already-embedded new graphics card, the 7Series supports this new technology out-of-the-box.

3D Scanners - 7Series faster scanning - Dental Wings
RECEIVE an impression scan


7Series 3D scanner

SCAN the impression or model made from the impression with a 3Series or 7Series scanner



DESIGN the restoration in DWOS


Straumann® CARES® CSeries

Straumann® centralized milling center

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