The comprehensive and fully open solution for the design of a wide range of dental indications.
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DWOS is one of the most flexible and powerful open CAD/CAM platforms available in the industry for the design of dental restorations. It’s the intuitive solution for dental labs offering a seamlessly integrated system of technologies that work together to boost productivity and efficiency.

DWOS is an open architecture and the foundation of our software applications

The open architecture of DWOS offers flexibility to work with clinical information, design processes, and down-stream production processes as needed.

Likewise, a wide range of materials, implant kits, crown anatomies, etc. are also made highly accessible.


Accessible to all systems that support open data file formats

Input devices generating clinical information such as (CB)CT and intraoral scanners are easily imported into DWOS.

Dental Wings intergrated solutions schema - DWOS CAD/CAM

Benefit from a broader range of prosthetic solutions and services…

  • Enjoy more freedom of choice: in-lab and/or external production.
  • Expand the service offering of your lab.
  • Offer your customers a wider service portfolio.

…and an increase in productivity and efficiency

  • Capitalize on efficient digital solutions.
  • Eliminate complexity and the need to migrate between different systems.
  • Increase accuracy, reduce design time and ensure quality using a validated, streamlined workflow.

Ease of use and speed in manufacturing

DWOS features a built-in milling workflow that includes an elaborated collision control and evasion to ensure a high degree of process reliability. Simply connect the software to mill prosthetics without investing in additional hardware.

Integration with milling machines. Z4 mill - Denta Wings

Our team was won over by the user-friendliness and breadth of the current and future capabilities of the DWOS software that allows us to handle a wide variety of prosthetic cases. Importantly, as an open system, DWOS allows us to work with a multitude of partners with very different equipment configurations. Our lab has experienced significant productivity gains by using the multi-die scanning option. It allows us to scan and design 30 elements in 15 minutes; once the first scan is finished we can start designing that element while the scanner continues to scan the others.

Pascal Bongert

Lab Manager, Laboratoire Bongert, France

DWOS Easy Mode

An intuitive streamlined workflow.

From scan to design to manufacture, this simplified workflow available in the software guides the user step by step through the production of CAD/CAM restorations.

  • Tooth-borne bridges
  • Tooth-borne crowns
  • Implant cases
7Series Scanner, front, open - Dental Wings

Capture clinical data in high-precision 3D scans

Dental Wings scanners are supplied with fully-integrated DWOS software to enable the design of a wide range of prosthetic restorations, followed by a direct transfer into the milling solution of your choice, either in-lab, or at a central milling center.


7Series Model & Impression Scanner
Delivering unprecedented performance and productivity.

A comprehensive prosthetics design suite

DWOS covers a complete range of dental indications such as crowns, implant bars and bridges, full and partial dentures, custom abutments, onlays, veneers and more. Plus, DWOS is modular and can be expanded to new indications to meet the evolving needs of the dental lab.

All-inclusive Synergy pack: Includes all applications

Productivity pack: Includes applications #1 – 4 only

Click on an application for details

Crown and Bridge - Dental Wings

DWOS Crown & Bridge

The foundation of prosthetic design within DWOS with extensive capabilities that provide both very simple and efficient workflows. This module includes numerous features to create multiple types of crown restorations.

This application is included in both Productivity and Synergy packs.

Restorative indications include the following:

  • Full contour crown & bridge
  • Coping and bridge framework
  • Up to 16-unit bridge
  • Anatomical telescope
  • Hollow pontic
  • Design of telescopic crown (parallel axis groups)
  • Inlay, onlay and veneer
  • Post & core
  • Single abutment indication per order
  • Virtual or scanned wax-up
  • Telescopic bridge
  • Overpressed crown & bridge
  • Shell temporary bridge
  • Abutment wedge
  • ¾ Crown with retention beads
  • Virtual articulator
  • Diagnostic
  • Mirror anatomy
  • Attachment
  • Milling area zone
  • Milling with attachments
  • Several free anatomy libraries available online
  • Multi-die plate
Implant Prosthetics - Dental Wings

DWOS Implant Prosthetics

Manages the design of custom abutments, healing caps, implant bars, and full virtual wax-ups for screw-retained bars & bridges, while giving access to a wide range of implant systems. This module features advanced editing functions to produce consistently precise and custom results.

This application is included in both Productivity and Synergy packs.

Restorative indications include the following:

  • Full crown on implant
  • Reduced crown on implant
  • Custom abutment
  • Telescopic crown on implant
  • 3/4 Crown on implant
  • Synergy abutment
  • Superstructure
  • Implant bridge with gingiva
  • Bar with wax-up
  • Implant bar
  • Healing screw
  • Implant screw bridge
  • Scan of TiBase for implantology
Partial Framework - Dental Wings

DWOS Partial Frameworks

Offers intuitive tools that design highly accurate frameworks for partial dentures in just a few minutes, for significant savings in time and materials. The features available in this module allow a combined design of removable and fixed restorations with ease.

This application is included in both Productivity and Synergy packs.

Restorative indications include the following:

  • Combined order (Telescopic crown)
  • Upper or lower arch framework
  • Definition of the insertion axis
  • Automatic undercut detection
Model Builder - Dental Wings

DWOS Model Builder

Replaces the manual model-making process with the equivalent digital creation to create consistently precise models for several indications such as upper and lower arch frameworks.

This application is included in both Productivity and Synergy packs.

Restorative indications include the following:

  • Upper and lower arch frameworks
Full Dentures - Dental Wings

DWOS Full Dentures

Provides an easy and efficient way to digitally address edentulous cases with functional tooth set-up and esthetic gingiva proposal.

This application is included in the Synergy pack.

Bite Splints - Dental Wings

DWOS Bite Splints

Designs protectors and mouth guards of various kinds. Module features include flattening of the bite splint and dynamic occlusion with the virtual articulator.

This application is included in the Synergy pack.

Ortho Archiving - Dental Wings

DWOS Orthodontic Archiving

Allows the design of virtual orthodontic study models for digital archiving and digital manufacturing. Users can create 3 types of models with Tweed, American, or French.

This application is included in the Synergy pack.

Guided Surgery - coDiagnostiX - Dental Wings

Guided Surgery

Covers implant planning and design of surgical drill guides to help dental professionals provide safe and predictable results while increasing efficiency and productivity.

This application is included in the Synergy pack.

RECEIVE an intraoral file from the clinician


7Series 3D scanner

DESIGN the restoration in DWOS



PRODUCE the restoration with a Straumann® mill


Straumann® CARES® CSeries

Straumann® centralized milling center

DESIGN the restoration in DWOS


Virtuo Vivo™  intraoral scanner

7Series 3D scanner

DESIGN the restoration in DWOS



PRODUCE the restoration with a Straumann® mill


coDiagnostiX Implant planning software

PRODUCE the restoration with a Straumann® mill


D series 3D printer